CT Guided Injections for Pain

If your doctor cannot determine the specific cause of your pain using diagnostic tests such as an MRI or CT scan, they may refer you for a CT guided injection.  Depending on the area under suspicion and the possible source of your pain, this may be a nerve root block, a facet joint injection, or an epidural injection.  CT images are used to guide the injection.


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A spinal injection is usually performed to temporarily numb the spinal nerve under suspicion and help to identify the exact source of your pain. Injection of a steroid can also be used as a conservative treatment, to reduce irritation and swelling around the nerve for pain relief.

At the Queen Square Imaging Centre, our team of specialist neuroradiology consultants undertake nerve root, facet joint and epidural injections using pictures produced in a CT scanner. Using high-quality CT guidance, our radiologists can navigate the structures around the nerve and guide the injection into the exact area that is suspected/proven to be the cause of your pain. This technique helps to ensure that the steroid injection is delivered accurately and with lower risk compared to injections that are performed ‘blind’.

Our specialist team is recognised for their expertise and patient-centred approach to care. Working alongside your consultant, our radiologists will contribute to your bespoke pain management plan. Many patients will find relief though conservative treatments such as CT guided injections. However, if no relief is achieved, our highly skilled team will work with your consultant to offer an alternative. Our aim is to work with you to find the right course of action for a healthy spine.

CT stands for Computed Tomography. A CT scan is a series of pictures of your body, taken using x-rays. The picture show cross-sections or ‘slices’ of your body. When these slices are put together by a powerful computer, the scan shows a very detailed image of the inside of your body.


Download our 'Having a CT-guided epidural injection' patient information leaflet


Download our 'Having a CT guided nerve block injection' patient information leaflet

Why the Queen Square Imaging Centre?

The Queen Square Imaging Centre is Central London’s only dedicated independent neuroimaging facility.

With a specialist focus on the brain, spine and nervous system, our expert team of radiographers and highly specialised Consultant Neuroradiologists will ensure that your scan and report is of the highest quality, whilst using our brand new and state of the art CT and MRI scanners to offer an unrivalled level of comfort and safety.

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Having a CT Guided Nerve Block Injection

This leaflet aims to answer your questions about having a CT-guided nerve block injection.

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