3 Tesla (3T) Orthopaedic MRI

The Queen Square Imaging Centre is pleased to offer high quality 3 Tesla (3T) MRI and CT scanning to help diagnose and monitor diseases and disorders that affect muscles, bones and joints. Our accredited and award-winning imaging services assist orthopedic and sports injury specialists in identifying, and providing effective treatment for a range a musculoskeletal disorders.

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Insurer approved service

Our specialist MRI service is accredited under the prestigious Quality Standard for Imaging, and recognised by all major UK-based insurers.

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Prices from £425


When are referred for an MRI scan, we will provide you with a competitive quote based on the exact scan you need.  To support self-funding patients, a limited number of rapid access MRI appointments are available each day.


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Same day

We offer flexible, same-day appointments for all but the most complex of MRI scans. Contact us to find out our next availability.

We offer fast, flexible appointments from our award-winning central London clinic and also provide same-day reports from our expert team of highly specialist consultant radiologists. The Queen Square Imaging Centre is well placed to provide the highest quality scans and accurate, clinically effective radiology reports.

‘3T’ stands for 3 Tesla, and refers to the strength of the magnet used within the MRI scanner. Standard clinical MRI scanners typically have a strength of 1.5T and are capable of producing very good images for diagnostic purposes. 3T scanners are twice as powerful and capable of producing significantly clearer images, enabling more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. This is particularly important when examining the structures of the brain, spine and peripheral nervous system.

As well as being twice as powerful, our state of the art 3T scanner is faster and capable of producing images more quickly, which means less time being scanned. Our scanner, which is one of the most advanced on the market, also makes the experience more comfortable thanks to a wider and shorter bore, helping patients who are anxious to feel more comfortable about going into the scanner. We also use innovative surface coils which are light and flexible and replace the older coils which were heavy and restrictive. We have invested in the very latest technology so that we are able to provide the best quality scans while providing superior levels of comfort to every one of our patients.

Why the Queen Square Imaging Centre?

The Queen Square Imaging Centre is Central London’s only dedicated independent neuroimaging facility.

With a specialist focus on the brain, spine and nervous system, our expert team of radiographers and highly specialised Consultant Neuroradiologists will ensure that your scan and report is of the highest quality, whilst using our brand new and state of the art CT and MRI scanners to offer an unrivalled level of comfort and safety.



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MRI scanning in Queen Square

Learn more about our newly installed 3T MRI scanner and book online today. Same day, flexible appointments available with fast reporting.

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