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QS Enterprises is awarded accreditation under the Quality Standard for Imaging

QS Enterprises is pleased to announce that its specialist MRI and CT scanning facilities in Queen Square and Chenies Mews have been awarded accreditation under the esteemed Quality Standard for Imaging.  The grant of accreditation was made by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) on June 13th, 2021 and demonstrates a commitment to excellence in patient care.

QSE Operations Manager and QSI Lead, Peter Sutton said;

“We are incredibly proud to have achieved this accreditation, which has been awarded in recognition of the high standard of service our facilities provide.  It is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and teamwork of our staff, each of whom has made a vital contribution to the preparation and successful outcome of our first assessment earlier this year.  To have made this achievement in the context of the challenges we have faced over the last year makes this award even more special, and we look forward to continuing assessments as we now embark on our 4-year assessment cycle.”

QSI accreditation will form a robust benchmark for QSE’s imaging services which in turn, provides ongoing assurance to referrers, patients, our regulators, and NHS commissioners.

Ann Pinder, Senior Assessment Manager for Healthcare with UKAS commented;

“UKAS is delighted that the imaging services at Q.S Enterprises Ltd have been awarded accreditation against the QSI Standard. This standard has been developed by the Royal College of Radiologists and  College of Radiographers to promote safe working practices in patient focussed services. The staff at QSE have engaged fully in this quality improvement process and have undergone a comprehensive assessment of their facilities and clinical practice. They should be commended for completing this in the challenging times of the pandemic, and we look forward to our continued involvement with the service.

What is QSI?

The Quality Standards of Imaging (QSI) support diagnostic imaging services in ensuring patients receive the highest quality of service and care, delivered by skilled staff who are practicing in safe environments.  The patient-focussed assessment and accreditation program covers five quality domains which allow services to continuously evaluate performance and make improvements where necessary.  QSI sets National quality criteria for all diagnostic imaging providers, which are now recognised by NHS England and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).