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Dementia is a syndrome (group of related symptoms) comparable with a continuous decline of the brain and its capabilities (including memory loss, thought speed, language and judgement etc.).


The early symptoms of Dementia are often mild and unnoticeable. Over time, these symptoms become more severe. As some may have more than one dementia-related condition, the symptoms can greatly vary from person to person.


Dementia is caused by gradual damage to the brain, in the majority of cases this happens due to the build-up of abnormal proteins in the brain. Less common causes can include; depression, infections, brain tumours, or long-term alcohol misuse.


Most types of dementia cannot be cured and will gradually become more severe. However, medicine can be given to prevent symptoms from becoming worse. These medicines can be given to people in the early and middle stages of disease in an attempt to maintain or improve the independence of the sufferer.